The Project

While we were working on the tour des Dents du Midi project, we had the chance to meet Olivier and Valérie, the couple who runs la cantine de Barmaz (a wonderful placeperfectly locatef at the foot from the Dents Blanches) during the summer season. When they saw us hiking with all our electronic gear, they started asking us what we were doing here. 😉 We explained breifly the project we were working on and quickly after this Olivier started telling us that he was actually looking for someone to help him improve his current website.

So yes, this project started quite originally with a coffee on their terrace and a stunning view on the Dents Blanche. Olivier gave us the instructions for what he wanted his new website to look like: it had to be a modern version of the current one (responsive, fast and secure) with some fresh pictures to illustrate it as well a german translation of his existing texts.

The Result

A couple weeks later, we returned to the Cantine de Barmaz on a sunny day and took all the pictures we needed for the website (The surroundings as well as the restaurant and the rooms)

We developed a fully personlized theme for the Cantine that included several graphical elements from their Logo and visual identity. The website is running using the WordPress CMS and the genesis framework , it is thus very easy for them to edit their existing texts and create new content on their own.

Olivier and Valérie wanted to keep their existing texts and thus we simply took the ones available in french, improved the english version and did a full german translation.

On this project we took as well the domain name administration and we take care of the hosting and the different backups on our servers.


See the website “Cantine de Barmaz”


Our Services in details

At setup

  • Site architecture elaboration as well as graphical design definition
  • We visited the Cantine de Barmaz and took all pictures that are now used on the website
  • Contact with the graphic designer who created their logo and collecting all the required visual material for the website

The development phase

  • Custom Theme creation to match the graphical requirements
  • 33 pages were created. 11 pages in french, 11 in english and 11 in german. The texts for french and english were the ones provided by the client and we took care of translating them to German as well
  • On each of these pages we took care to optimize them in terms of SEO by filling in all the information such as meta description, meta tag and taking care to define an optimized url.
  • On all the pages we have also defined all the elements relating to social networks (shared image, text and titles)
  • Création de galleries d’images
  • Toutes les images sont optimisées pour le référencement naturel
  • All social media chanels were integrated
  • Website size and speed optimisation
  • Before public release we published the finished website on our development server and gave the team access to it. We implemented all desired changes and modifications.

At launch

  • Site was moved on our production server
  • Domain name migration to our host
  • Site was put live
  • Automatic backup system was set up
  • Google Entrprise account creation as well as Google Analytics integration
  • The website was delivered with a detailed user manual including:
    • General information about how to use the website (add / edit content)
    • A full list of advice to improve SEO
    • A detailed tutorial on how to use Google WebmasterTool and  Google analytics